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Jaclyn Prato

Professor Pritchett

English 102


Reading Response: Rodeo and Beauty

Jane Martin is the author of the two short plays titled Beauty and Rodeo. Although both of these plays are very different, they do have some of the same hidden meanings. In the play Rodeo there is only one character named Big Eight that the reader is introduced to.This character is battling with the change of everything surrounding her, the one thing that she truly loves is changing with the times, and she is not ready to change with them. As the play proceeds and she lists all of the changes that have take place at the rodeo, which was once her sanctuary she gets the ultimate insult. She is told that she no longer fits what they are looking for at the rodeo. She is told that she can have a lifetime pass to visit the rodeo at anytime, but she realizes that she is just merchandise to them now.

In the other short play Beauty there are two characters introduced, Carla and Bethany. This story begins with a conversation between the two girls each describing the events that had happened to them the night before. As the story continues Bethany begins to tell her beautiful friend Carla about the genie that had granted her two of her three wishes the night before. Carla at first does not believe her friend Bethany and begins to lecture her and tell her how she has an important meeting with Ralph Lauren for her modeling. Bethany soon convinced Carla of her encounter with the genie after telling her the stories. Soon Bethany confesses her jealousy of her friend Carla’s beauty and says that she is going to ask to be beautiful as her final wish. Carla tries to convince her that being beautiful is overrated and that she will regret her wish. Bethany exclaims that Carla just is lying and doesn’t want to share what its like to be beautiful. Without hesitation Bethany gets granted her third and final wish from the genie. The two girls switch bodies. The ending of this play has such great closure and truly gets the main point across to the reader. The final statements of the play are:

Carla/Bethany- “We both have the one thing, the one and only thing everybody wants.”

Bethany/Carla- “What is that?”

Carla/Bethany- “It’s better than beauty for me; it’s better than brains for you.”

Bethany/Carla- “What? What?!”

Carla/Bethany- “Different problems.”

Both of these short plays share some similarities. Although they are both approached differently the main theme in both is change. In the play Rodeo the change that takes place is because all of the people around the main character have changed and she is left back in time which in the end results in her not longer asked to be a part of the rodeo. In the second short play Beauty the main characters both crave to be something other than what they are. This ends in the transformation of the two girls even though Carla made it very clear that things are always better than they seem. These two short plays deal with change in different ways, but each portrays the same meaning.

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